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Youth Voices of Nairobi has been on the forefront to voice issues affecting refugees and local Kenyan youths using online campaigns, stories, news features and stakeholders meeting with major organizations such International Rescue Committee , Education GAP and United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Among notable campaigns – We have raised through mainstream media problems affecting refugees’ youths such as documentation on refugee status, education and employment difficulties that have been well received by concerned agencies. As a result of our work, more youths are getting access to information about their documentations and securing educational scholarships.

In 2019, we have publicized information on scholarship opportunities to refugees and local youths through our social media platforms on facebook, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp. From these campaigns, 60 students secured various educational scholarships through our task in sharing the calls to apply advert by agencies such as DAFI, WUSC, KENSAP, IRC Kenya, TUSA and Xavier Project.

Education and Training

For three years we have worked with Xavier Project, a Non-Governmental Organization supporting Refugee Education, to provide education opportunities and support to refugees and locals. In our 3 years’ partnership with Xavier Project we trained 800+ refugees and locals in digitals skills in the Dagoretti, Kayole and Umoja regions of Nairobi county.

Access to education for all and more particular for the refugee and local youths has been our focus since we believe an educated youth can become a hero who works in their community to solve the challenges that they experience, and through this transform themselves as well as their communities.

We have advocated for increased focus on girl’s education as they usually face additional challenges in their communities. The most significant of these is the situation that many teenage girls in areas such as Dagoretti South, Umoja have experienced early pregnancies which prevents them from continuing with their education. As such, we have made a deliberate effort to include girls in the digital skills and business skills trainings to provide them with skills that can potentially make them self-reliant. As a result, some of our female students have progressed to pursue further education to the courses trained in while others have been fortunate to secure internships and employment.

We are currently in partnership with Xavier Project , Mshule and Education Cannot Wait to provide educational resources ,content and support to refugee and marginalized Kenyans during this time of covid19.

Talent Exposure

Annually in December, we have an event ‘YOUTHS ON THE MOVE. This was first organized in 2018 with an aim to appreciate youths who are positively impacting their communities by sharing their incredible stories that show their persistence and dedication in the work they perform for their communities.

The event seeks to appreciate, empower, recognize, motivate and support Refugee and Kenyan youths who are positively impacting their communities with start-ups they have started in the arts, community focused initiatives & organizations or in business.

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